Naturannova was selected among 1112 startups to participate in MassChallenge

May 18, 2022 (Renens, Switzerland) – MassChallenge Switzerland, part of MassChallenge’s global network of innovators, today announces the 100 early-stage startups invited to join the 2022 Accelerator Program. 

This number represents the top 9% of applications we received from around the world. 261 of our MC experts ranked them and shaped the future of these high-quality startups’ solutions.

The selected early-stage startups come from 37 countries spanning over 4 continents and have all committed to sustainability. Startups from many different industries compose this 2022 cohort and will be shifted on different tracks.

The different sectors and respective tracks:

Since 2016, MassChallenge Switzerland has been a leader in helping startups across Europe grow their businesses, with 492 alumni raising $600M in funding. In 2021, we accelerated 97 early-stage startups, taking no equity or fees, and connected them to our corporate partners and broad group of expert mentors.  

For our 2022 program we are staying true to our mission of bringing startups together with the people and resources they need to launch and grow, so we have designed an online/on-site hybrid accelerator program. Operating this way, we’ll enable startups from anywhere in the world to take part in the accelerator. 

“I’m pleased to welcome this outstanding group of startups to the 2022 early-stage accelerator. They were individually selected by our independent judges and represent the top 9% of all applicants. They are also all “climate responsible” and want to make an impact that will add value back to society. Congratulations to them all and I’m looking forward to connecting them to our partners and mentors, so that together the MassChallenge community can help them grow their businesses”

2022 MassChallenge Switzerland Cohort 


FoodTech and AgriTech

Ambrosia Bio Ltd. (Israel): develop a disruptive enzyme technology platform designed to convert high-calorie, obesity-promoting sugars into both rare, practically no-calorie sugars, such as Allulose, and dietary fibers.

AgriEdge (Morocco): a digital platform to support farmers in sustainably maximizing the profitability of every unit of resources employed 

Alghètica (Italy): this biotech company utilizes CRISPR to improve or modify compounds, naturally present in microalgae, for food applications.

betterECO GmbH (Germany): their Blockchain-based software platform allows for time- and cost-efficient transactions in organic agricultural raw materials.

BioLumen (United States): this proprietary fiber sequesters 6x its weight in sugars and starches, rendering them unavailable for intestinal absorption.

Biomation Ltd (United Kingdom): they convert organic food industry waste into a soil improver which allows crops to be grown in arid environments with 50% less water.

Biorefic (Latvia): they develop a next-generation biorefinery technology for producing advanced prebiotic ingredients and algal Omega-3 fatty acids.

BIOWEG (Germany): they replace microplastics from your day-to-day consumer products with biobased and biodegradable alternatives.

Bluana Foods (Romania): vegan sashimi (tuna/salmon), for flexitarians, wanting to solve the problem of taste and the clean label of alternatives to ocean fish.

Climate Action (Sweden): they aim to transform a food security issue into a climate solution, by using Agtech & Fintech to improve the way we produce our food.

Cultimate Foods (Germany): their solution enriches plant-based meat alternatives with cultivated fat biomass for an authentic taste, mouthfeel, and texture.

Cultivated Biosciences (Switzerland): Creamy fat from GMO-free yeast. The indulgence plant-based dairy needs to appeal flexitarians.

Dhriti Bio Solutions (India): Moringa protein isolate: Plant-based, economical alternate proteins for consumers demanding healthy, sustainable, and non-animal proteins

FarmCorps (Nigeria): they help agro-processing and food companies source quality agri-raw material from clusters of smallholder farmers.

FlyFarm Worldwide Ltd (Singapore): they’re applying robotics and IoT technology to harness the power of insects to bioconvert food waste into sustainable protein & fertilizer.

Food4You (Argentina): this biotech platform creates alternative ingredients for the plant-based food industry using bacteria fermentation.

Frudist (Germany): they offer the best product quality of dried fruits and vegetables available on the global market, produced by their own protected technology.

Gaia Technologies GmbH (Switzerland): they develop solutions that upcycle agricultural sidestreams into clean label ingredients for cosmetics, food, and feed manufacturers.

green loop UG (Germany): Here’s a hydroponic household appliance to grow food at home, to reduce food-waste, transportation, and packaging.

Inulox Ltd (United Kingdom): this FoodTech startup is developing an active food ingredient that converts 30% of sugar from foods into vegetable fibers after consumption.

Kitovu Technology Company (Nigeria): they uses data to eliminate guesswork and supply chain inefficiencies from African agriculture so as to enable farmers to earn more.

Kly (Switzerland): this swiss upcycling startup has a mission to tackle food waste by eliminating resource inefficiencies in global grain production.

Lignovations (Austria): they improve the sustainability of consumer products by replacing harmful ingredients with powerful lignin particles from biomass.

Manna Insect (Finland): they have developed a solution to produce high quality and cost-effective animal feed onsite to replace soy.

Moa FoodTech (Spain): they aim to achieve sustainable and healthy nutrition based on Single Cell Protein through the fermentation of food by-products.

Mimic Seafood (Spain): they provide better food choices to consumers that save oceans.

Naturannova (Chile): this food tech company combines computational biology and biomanufacturing processes to design the next generation of ingredients.

NoPalm Ingredients (Netherlands): they brew microbial oil from waste streams as a sustainable alternative to palm oil in food and cosmetics.

Novani (Switzerland): a FoodTech startup developing a cost-effective extrusion process to make realistic whole-cut meat alternatives like steaks & chicken breasts.

Pallaby (United States): this tech-enabled premium pet nutrition and wellness brand tailors customized meal plans to the unique needs of each pet they serve.

Peelon (United States): they develop a 100% plant-based protective coating for a longer shelf-life.

Unlimited Foods (Singapore): cell based dairy products that are sustainable for the planet and more nutritious for people. Dairy-it where solution meets taste.

Winich Farms (Nigeria): Winich Farms is an Agritech Company that is fusing together Agriculture and Technology aiming at providing food security.

Zero Cow Factory (India): India’s first milk & dairy/food products (world’s first A2 milk protein) using bioengineering the microbes & precision fermentation.

Healthcare/ Life Sciences 

Ayati Devices Private Limited (India): a new device to screen diabetic patients for foot neuropathy at an early stage to prevent foot amputations.

FimmCyte (Switzerland): they developed a novel immune-based treatment for treatment-resistant endometriosis.

Glooma (Portugal): they are developing a medical screening device that complements the breast self-exam, to detect breast cancer at an early-stage.

HEALTHY-LONGER GmbH (Switzerland): they provide personalized preventive nutrition recommendations based on forward-looking health risk analysis using biomarkers and genetics.

InnoSpina (Switzerland): they design and develop novel implants and unique surgical guiding instruments enabling surgeons to treat chronic back pain in less than 30min.

Intragel Therapeutics (Israel): a safe, effective, and targeted anti-cancer therapeutics for solid tumor oncology patients.

Immunyx (Israel): a revolutionizing immunotherapy by treating neutrophils in chronic disease with a TargEted Neutrophil Nanoparticle (TENN) platform.

Lutroo Imaging (Germany): they’re developing the first (patented) technology that enables pain visualization. Our goal is faster, cheaper, accurate diagnosis.

NeuroTrigger (Israel): they have developed and tested a portable and user-friendly system that automatically stimulates artificial eyelid blinking.

Opharmic Technology (HK) Limited (Hong Kong): a non-invasive alternative to eye injections.

Psigryph Inc. (Canada): their first product, Cholestello, is an innovative health and wellness solution for customers seeking support for healthy cholesterol levels. 

Recovery Cat (Germany): they optimize psychiatric outpatient care in order to increase quality of life and reduce rehospitalization

SensArs Neuroprosthetics Sàrl (Switzerland): highly selective peripheral nerve stimulators for the treatment of neuropathic pain and sensory loss of people affected by neuropathy.

Stamurai (India): Current speech therapy is expensive ($5,000), relapsable (80% relapse) and inaccessible. They aim to solve this by automating speech therapy.

TechNovator Health (Poland): they invented a new method of energy transfer & are going to bring new technology into the active human implants market.

High Tech 

AllRead Machine Learning Technologies (Spain): they’re a deep tech Spin off in the smart logistics ecosystem, with a robust computer vision software to read codes in supply chains.

ARHUB (Switzerland): developer of a proactive security solution intended to identify, prevent and predict security breaches at homes and buildings.

AXS Motionsystem (Hungary): Safety and Health at work is everyone’s concern. AXS’s Ergonomic Evaluation system helps in producing healthy workplaces for preventing WMSD.

BDATA (Canada): they help to secure IoT, Edge, and Endpoint devices by creating unique digital fingerprints for each device and store them on the blockchain.

Chiral (Switzerland): nanotransistors are key components in quantum computers and IoT sensors. Today, they are produced manually. They can produce them 100x faster.

Circularise (Netherlands): they provide supply chain traceability software, to empower businesses to transition towards a circular economy.

Factmata (United Kingdom): they provide AI to address the global issue of misinformation which affects everyone from individual to conglomerate, faster than other tools.

Isochronic AG (Switzerland): they develop a new type of industrial robot for pick & place applications, capable of transporting multiple parts simultaneously.

Ligence (Lithuania): a Deep Tech company developing AI solutions in Healthcare. their team is composed of medical doctors with a background in AI.

MicroFuse Technologies (Nigeria): this IT company is specialized in software development, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

PSi (Ireland): they are a voice tech platform for stakeholder intelligence and improved decision making, so everyone can shape decisions that affect them.

Stratio, Inc. (United States): they create AI-assisted visible and infrared imaging technology with a mission for everyone to access the potential of infrared vision.

Surveily sp. z o.o. (Poland): Automated OHS safety procedure supervision with machine learning & computer vision.

traplinked GmbH (Germany): they automate pest control through sensor-controlled trap systems.

uHoo (Singapore): the solution monitors your environment, so you know exactly what to do to create healthier and more sustainable homes and buildings.

VerifiedVisitors (United Kingdom): their bank grade AI/ML visitor platform increases ROI, protect clients, and saves 40% of web energy costs by stopping bots in the cloud.

World from Space s.r.o. (Czech Republic): they integrate satellite monitoring into the food production industry at scale.


Block solutions Oy (Finland): they are producing environmentally friendly building blocks from fibers and recycled plastics

Green Future Logistics (Switzerland): they are building a SaaS to manage transportation in a more sustainable way by promoting collaboration and optimization.

LAM’ON (Bulgaria): they produce bio-based and suitable for compost laminating and packaging foils. 

Ridelink (Uganda): they’re giving SMEs access to 1million trucks at the tap of a button; they are democratizing transport for SMEs.

Xegate SA – Project Arcadia (Switzerland): with their Arcadia process, they recycle concrete and wood waste, into objects of many shapes. With Arcadia, you recycle forever.

Energy / Climate Tech 

Arboretica (Netherlands): Arboretica develops OSINT technology to solve the massive data sourcing, verification and analytics problem of the environmental sector.

ALGBIO Energy Treatment and Engineering Corporation (Turkey): they treat industrial wastewater and flue gas with microalgae to produces carbon negative biofuels and bioplastic.

Basebike (Switzerland): E-bikers, don’t worry about your autonomy, enjoy your day. Their convenient battery charging stations network will make sure you get there.

BatteryCare (E-Vision) (Slovakia): they´re developing the technology for a non-invasive way of battery lost capacity restoration & internal health diagnostics.

BMTA&C (Morocco): BMTA&C is a deep tech startup developing a new off-grid refrigeration technology to help smallholder farmers save post-harvest losses.

ClearCO2 (United Kingdom): this platform empowers SMEs to profit from carbon accounting, buy from sustainable suppliers, and reverse climate change.

Clera.One (Slovenia): their mission is to bury laundry environmental damage by saving water and stopping microplastic pollution at once.

ECOWORTH TECH PTE. LTD. (Singapore): they are unlocking the potential of waste(water) by turning waste to worth!

ECOSTP Technologies P Ltd (India): Zero Power, Zero Chemicals Sewage Treatment Technology. You put ‘bad water in and get good water’ out – it has no moving parts.

InstaHeat (Switzerland): they heat any conductive liquid where you need it and only if you need it. Eliminating the need for boilers with their huge standby losses.

MIXTERESTING GmbH (Austria): their B2B software virtually simulates concrete mixtures and helps our customers to develop CO2 friendly concrete 10x faster than before.

Rheiazymes (Switzerland): they help to decarbonize industries with hard-to-recycle material mixes by using enzymes to recover raw materials from waste.

Veridis (Netherlands): they aim to revolutionize plastic recycling with the first scalable plastic analysis method designed for the industry needs.

Voltiris (Switzerland): they improve greenhouses’ energetic efficiency by producing clean electricity without impacting their high agricultural yield.

Social Impact 

Aquammodate (Sweden): they use nature’s finest separation process to sustainably accommodate the World’s need for clean water and other valuable resources.

AXS Motionsystem (Hungary): safety and health at work is everyone’s concern. AXS’s Ergonomic Evaluation system helps in producing healthy workplaces for preventing WMSD.

Blue Lobster App ApS (Denmark): they we make the fishing industry more sustainable by incentivizing sustainable fishing practices and enabling direct reporting.

Combplex (United States): automatically identifies and eliminates a parasite harming honey bees, contributing to yearly die-offs.

Composite Recycling (Switzerland): they developed an innovative technology to close the loop on glass fiber reinforced plastics in boats, wind turbines, etc.

Defire (Thailand): is a Climate Finance platform for improving crop burning practices.

Deshifarmer Limited (Bangladesh): tech-enabled fresh produce supply chain of Bangladesh that directly connects rural farmers with retailers & consumers.

ETB CaT (Netherlands): enabling bio-plastic and bio-rubber for tires.

Evoware (Indonesia): from sustainable seaweed farming to seaweed bioplastic pellet to solve the plastic waste problem at scale and increase farmers’ livelihood.

Jasberry (Thailand): The world’s first staple superfood that can transform the health of consumers worldwide and take millions of farmers out of poverty.

Plastics For Change (India): PFC’s platform helps brands source ethically recycled high-quality plastic and create sustainable livelihood opportunities for waste workers

SALUBATA (United States): they occupy a niche of recycled, low-cost plastic shoes that makes a profit, whilst also benefitting people and planet.

SHAMBA RECORDS (Kenya): their solution is a gateway to financial inclusion for small-scale farmers in the 300$ billion agriculture market in Africa.

Transfoam (United States): harnessing engineered microorganisms and renewable feedstocks to tackle plastic pollution at the beginning and end of the product life cycle.

Wika Media (Singapore): their solution lets people with hearing and/or visual disabilities learn (educational) and enjoy (entertainment) videos.

Zero Wave (Bulgaria): they turn waste into resources by making a 100% biodegradable tableware and food products from by-product after the production of beer.